COVID-19 Graphs 09APR2020

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Current Numbers:

COVID-19 Cases

  • World – cases keep increasing in a steep climb around the globe, and at current trend the world could almost reach 5,000,000 cases by 30th Apr

  • Australia – curve flattening, could reach 7,000 cases by day “35”(14th Apr)
  • Argentina – at current trend, could still reach 4,000 cases by day “35” (24th Apr)

There is clearly a curve flattening effect happening in Australia:

Argentina is moving in an almost arythmetic progression (identical increases of number of new cases daily), so not yet flattening the curve:

  • UK – at current trent, could reach 100,000 infected by day “40” (14th Apr)

There are a few early signs of the curve flattening in the UK (number of cases last few days is flattening), but there is still a way to achieve that:

  • USA – at current trend, could reach 1,000,000 cases by day “50” (21st Apr)

COVID-19 Deaths

  • World – at present trend, total number of deaths related to COVID-19 could reach 350,000 by 30th Apr

Just to give a sense of how COVID-19 compares with other causes of death around the globe:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes the month of May will continue to be challenging around the world, and COVID-19 related deaths will increase.

  • Australia – at current trend, could reach 80 by day “35” (14th Apr)
  • Argentina – at current trend, could reach 180 by day “35” (24th Apr)

  • UK – at current trend, could pass 20,000 by day “45” (19th Apr) and pass Italy

  • USA – the trend indicates the USA could reach more than 50,000 deaths by day “50” (21st Apr)

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