COVID-19 Graphs 10APR2020

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Current Numbers:

COVID-19 Cases

  • World – cases keep increasing but we could start to see signs of the curve flattening a bit, at current trend the world could almost reach 4,500,000 cases by 30th Apr (yesterday it predicted 5,000,000 by 30th Apr)

  • Australia – curve keeps flattening, now could reach 6,500 cases by day “35”(14th Apr)
  • Argentina – signs of the curve flattening a bit too, at current trend now could reach 3,500 cases by day “35” (24th Apr)

There is clearly a curve flattening effect happening in Australia:

Argentina is moving in an almost arythmetic progression (identical increases of number of new cases daily), but the projection of number of cases based on the current trend seems to start to show a slight flattening of the curve:

  • UK – at current trent, still in a trend that could reach 100,000 infected by day “40” (14th Apr)

There are a few early signs of the curve flattening in the UK (number of cases last few days is flattening), but there is still a way to achieve that:

  • USA – at current trend, still could reach 1,000,000 cases by day “50” (21st Apr)

No signs yet of the curve flattening for the USA:

COVID-19 Deaths

  • World – at present trend, total number of deaths related to COVID-19 still could reach 350,000 by 30th Apr

and if extending the trend to 31st May, the number of deaths could exceed of 1,200,000 deaths worldwide (the number of cases at current trend could exceed of 13,000,000 worldwide by 31st May):

Just to give a sense of how COVID-19 compares with other causes of death around the globe:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes the month of May will continue to be challenging around the world.

  • Australia – at current trend, could just pass 60 by day “35” (14th Apr)
  • Argentina – at current trend, could just pass 180 by day “35” (24th Apr)

  • UK – at current trend, could pass 20,000 by day “45” (19th Apr) and pass Italy

  • USA – at the current trent, the USA could pass the 50,000 mark by day “50” (21st Apr)

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