COVID-19 Graphs 07JUN2020


    1. Using the WorldMeter website to update daily numbers and make projections for all countries
    2. Spain and Sweden did not provide details on their recoveries or active cases today, joining Netherlands and UK who have not done that for months. These countries are not included in any reports that are considering recoveries or active cases

Interesting Facts of the Day

  • The number of COVID-19 cases worldwide passed 7 million (took under 10 days to go from 6 to 7 million)
  • The USA passed the 2 million cases overnight too; Brazil currently has almost 680,000 cases and at its current trend could pass 1 million cases in just about a week

Comparative Analysis from Day “1” (>100 cases) by Cases/Deaths relative to 1M Populations

Country Progress from Day “1” Cases and Deaths

Best and Worst Performers as of Today

The symbol » indicates a change in the ranking table from yesterday.

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