COVID-19 Graphs 01APR2020

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COVID-19 Cases

  • Australia – curve flattened a bit but not enough, at present trend we’ll still reach 10,000 by day “30” (9th Apr for Australia), NSW accounts for around 50% of cases and need to do more to slow down the trend – Mortality rate low due to early testing, at present trend we’d be around 50 deaths by day “36” (15th April for Australia)
  • Argentina – curve flatter than Australia, at present trend they’ll ready around 4,000 by day “30” (significantly less than Australia, while Argentina has 2x the population and 5x the population density), clearly the full lock-down in Argentina is making a difference – Mortality rate is higher though, at the current trend deaths could probably exceed 250 by day “36”; Argentina needs to test more and test early to identify and treat cases early enough.
  • USA continues a steep climb, and getting worse. At present trend, USA could exceed 1,000,000 infected by around 17th April, that would exceed their health system capacity to cope with the crisis – Mortality rate is also increasing in the USA, at current trend USA could exceed Italy’s death toll before 15th Apr now.

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