COVID-19 Graphs 02APR2020

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Current Numbers:

COVID-19 Cases

  • Australia – at present trend, could reach 10,000 by day “31” (10th Apr) – Mortality rate still low, by day “36” (15thApr), trend shows around 50 deaths. Recovery rate seats at around 7%, number of serious cases only 1%
  • Argentina – at present trend, could reach 4,000 by day “31” (20th Apr), significantly lower than Australia on same day while 2x population and 5x population density, could be effect of full “lock-down” there. Mortality rate higher than Australia, trend shows around 220 deaths on day “36” (25th Apr), 4x that of Australia, could be related to lack of early testing/treatment. Recovery rate in Argentina is more than 20%, low case volume might allow health system to recover more patients (no serious cases reported)
  • USA – still in trend to reach 1,000,000 by 17th Apr – Death toll might exceed Italy before 15th Apr now – Number of recovered is 4%; but number of serious cases around 2.5%


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