COVID-19 Graphs 03APR2020

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COVID-19 Cases

  • Australia – cases trend a little bit better, and does not hit 10,000 by day “31” (10th Apr) but soon after (1 or 2 days after) – Mortality still very good but recent deaths have increased the curve a bit and we could exceed of 50 deaths by day “36” (15th Apr) – Recovered cases increased to 585 from 345 (70% increase), which is very promising (severe cases still at 50 unchanged
  • Argentina – cases trend consistent with yesterday, around 4,000 cases by day “31” (20th Apr) – Mortality continues higher than Australia, trend could hit 220 deaths by day “36” (25th Apr) – Recovered cases increased to 256 from 248 (3% increase), while there are still no severe cases reported
  • USA – cases trend still on a steep climb, could reach 1,000,000 by day “45” (17th Apr) – Mortality rate increasing as well, current trend to pass Italy number of deaths by day “38” (10th Apr) – Recovered cases increased for 10,365 from 8878 (16% increase), severe cases increased to 5421 from 5005 (8% increase)

    An international team has found a trial drug that effectively blocks the cellular door SARS-CoV-2 (the name of the COVID-19 virus) uses to infect its hosts (from the
    University of British Columbia, 2nd April 2020)…/2020/…/200402144526.htm


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