COVID-19 Graphs 04APR2020

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COVID-19 Cases

  • Australia – at current trend, Australia could reach 10,000 cases by day “33” (Apr 12th); while mortality rate continues low (could reach 50 deaths by day “35” – Apr 14th) – Total recovered cases remained unchanged as 585; while severe cases increased to 85 from 50 (70% increase)
  • Argentina – at current trend, Argentina could reach 4000 cases by day “32” (Apr 21st); mortality rate remains as previously (could reach 200 deaths by day “35” – Apr 24th) – Total recovered cases increased to 266 from 256 (4%); no severe cases reported to the WHO
  • USA – discovered cause of data gap, USA reports 48 hrs old data to WHO to include in world reports; so instead of treating the gap as one (24 hrs) day jump I corrected my model and spread it into two (48 hrs) days equally. That has corrected the trend predictor. With the new model, USA number of cases could reach 1,000,000 cases by day “47” (Apr 19th) ; mortality rate shows a steep climb and at current trend USA could pass Italy by day “35” (Apr 7th), and could reach 50,000 deaths by day “47” (Apr 19th) – Total recovered cases increased to 12,044 from 10,403 (16% increase); severe cases increased to 5787 from 5421 (7% increase)


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