COVID-19 Graphs 06APR2020

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COVID-19 Cases

  • Australia – curve flattening push away the 10,000 cases mark to day “35”(14th Apr) at current trend – Mortality rate increased remains in the same trend and could ready 60 by day “36” (15th Apr) – I’ve added a chart of the cases in Australia showing the flattening of the curve (last chart) – Recoveries increased to 2315 from 585 (almost 300% increase!); severe cases increased to 91 from 85 (7%)
  • Argentina – curve flattening slightly, 4,000 cases mark pushed back to day “34” (23rd Apr) with current trend – Mortality rate improving, in current trend deaths will pass 200 by day “36” (27th Apr) now – Recoveries increased by just 1 case to 280; severe cases finally reported 86 cases
  • USA – no changes to case or death trend, could reach 1,000,000 cases by day “46” (17th Apr) ; USA could have more total deaths than Italy by day “38” (9th Apr; around 15,000 deaths) – Recoveries increased to 17,177 from 14,825 (16%); severe cases increased to 8626 from 8203 (5%)


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