COVID-19 Graphs 22MAR2020

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  • Check this graph. Day “1” is when a country passed 100 cases of COVID-19; then the graph shows the number of cases day by day. Clearly, Australia and the USA are not going in the same trajectory as Italy.FYI, day “1” for Italy was on 24th February; for USA was on 4th March; while for Australia was on 11th March.

My previous graph compares number of cases per day for Australia, against Italy and the USA. I used only 11 days of data as Australia only has 11 days from our day “1”. Italy is currently on their day “28” and the USA in their day “19”.

If I remove Australia from the comparison, then keep USA and Italy for the 19 days of USA data, the graph shows the USA trajectory is on par with Italy which is not good.

However, if we look at number of deaths per day from day “1” for USA and Italy, the situation in the USA is significantly better than Italy (even though the number of cases is higher).


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