COVID-19 Graphs 23MAR2020

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COVID-19 Cases

  • Graph of number of cases and graph of number of deaths as of yesterday (22-MAR-2020). From day “1” (1st day with more than 100 cases in each country) to day “20” (USA has only 20 days from their day “1”).If Australia’s trajectory of number of cases remains unchanged, we could expect more than 5000 cases in less than a week which could start to put stress into our health system. However, number of deaths are far lower than Italy or the USA.

    Argentina has only 2 days since going over the 100 cases barrier, not enough data to make projections.

    USA trajectory in number of cases is already on par with Italy; however USA number of deaths is significantly smaller than Italy. At this pace, the USA could have more cases than China in just 3-4 days.


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