COVID-19 Graphs 24MAR2020

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COVID-19 Cases

  • Today’s graphs of cases and deaths for Australia, Argentina, USA vs. Italy from each country’s day “1” (1st day passing 100 cases) to now.If Australia continues the current pace, we will exceed the 5,000 cases in 4-5 days. If we continue further, we might hit 50,000 cases before mid April and that will cause serious issues with our health system. The death rate in Australia is far lower than Italy, but that might change once our health system is unable to cope with the volume of infected people.

    There still not enough date for Argentina to establish a trend (the country did not report cases/death number to WHO for yesterday).

    See trends in the graph, if USA continues at the current pace it will pass China on the number of cases in 3-4 days. However, number of deaths are still far lower than Italy, but the large increase of cases might exhaust their health system capabilities which could then increase mortality rates.



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