COVID-19 Graphs 26MAR2020

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COVID-19 Cases

  • Cases & Deaths graphs for today:
    1) USA numbers have increased sharply and the trend is now for the USA cases to pass Italy by tomorrow, and to pass China cases by the following day. Number of deaths are still low in comparison with Italy
    2) Australia is in a trend to reach 10,000 cases by 1st April now. Australia has a total of 2229 ICU beds. 80% of the infected have mild symptoms, but 20% could show severe symptoms and might need ICU beds. I had heard that we were preparing for crisis around mid April, but at our current pace I think we’ll run out of ICU beds in little over a week from today. Deaths are still lower than Italy and the USA
    3) Argentina is starting to show a trend to reach 1000 cases by 1st April, with death rates lower than Italy and the USA (but not lower than Australia) — Need more days of data from Argentina to provide a good trend analysis


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