COVID-19 Graphs 27MAR2020

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  • Number of cases and deaths trend analysis for Australia, Argentina and USA vs. Italy:
    1) Australia trend of cases seems to have slowed a bit. Yesterday the trend indicated we’d reach 10,000 cases by 1st April, but we will probably reach 10,000 cases by the 2nd of 3rd of April now. Let’s wait until tomorrow to see if we’re really slowing the spread (a.k.a. flattening the curve). The current trend of deaths has deteriorated as we have a large number of deaths yesterday, but our┬ánumber of deaths are still very low and that’s a great sign that treatment might be helping, we have a very low number of cases recovered though so it’s early days yet.
    2) Argentina is starting to show a trend, it seems that Argentina will reach 1500 cases by 1st April, and the death toll might be just under 20 then. That would be Argentina’s day “12” and in comparison with Australia, Argentina’s number of cases and deaths seem to be double the ones in Australia. More data is needed to validate this.
    3) USA has passed Italy and it’s currently the country with the 2nd highest number of COVID-19 infected people — if this trends continues, USA will pass China tomorrow and it will go over 200,000 cases in 3-4 days. With the current trend in number of deaths, the USA could lose 4000+ people in a week.


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