COVID-19 Graphs 31MAR2020

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COVID-19 Cases

  • Australia has flattened the curve a bit, still with current trend we could be reaching 10,000 cases by day “30” (9th Apr) – Mortality rate still very low, and it maintaining that trend we might still be under 100 deaths by 15th April (day “36”)
  • Argentina had a flatter curve than Australia (full locked down from 13th March, until Easter and probably further) so current trend of cases is less than 4000 by day “30” – Mortality rate is higher than Australia, but lower than WHO average, if keep current trend Argentina will exceed 300 deaths by the their day “36” (3x number of deaths in Australia) – The higher mortality rate could be caused by not identifying COVID-19 early enough to be treated due to lack of testing in Argentina
  • USA maintains a very steep climb on number of cases, at the current trend USA could see more than 1,000,000 cases before the end of April. Mortality rate in the USA is consistent with Argentina, and higher than Australia, due to the large number of cases trend shows that USA could exceed Italy’s number of deaths by 15th Apr (more than 16,000 deaths) – It is possible that USA faces the same issue as Argentina (not enough early testing), late identification of infections so no enough time to treat illness. That combined with the social transmission there is a terrible combination for their population. ISSUE: USA government bodies not reporting total numbers to the WHO, only partial numbers, but numbers are reported via other means to the world and reflected in reports


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