Dance Therapy Group – Weekly Update Mon 15th Feb 2021

dance like nobody is watching.jpg
We had a great session tonight !! We were a smaller group than last week, but still managed to do a lot of dancing and had good fun !! 

Attendees were: Alison, Lia, Lucy, Lyn, Sharon, Stephanie & Duncan, Sue H., Teresa, and Raul
Dances: Jerusalema, La Bicicleta (Zumba), Waka-Waka, Valle Pogonishte, You Can't Stop the Beat, Kokomo, Gorani, Zorba, and Time Warp. 


Next Week: Raul will start teaching the choreography to “This is ME!” from the musical film “The Greatest Showman”. Get ready by watching the tutorials online at:
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Also, please check out all our group details, dance tutorials, videos, etc. at our webpage: 
Raul Arregui

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