Weekly Update Mon 22nd Feb 2021 (by Teresa Cuda)

This is my post in Facebook for tonight, 22/02/2021.
Last post from me in this page 😢 but…the fun goes on in our webpage. Please follow the links, as Raul has put a lot of effort to make it work. Gracias 💞. We had fourteen attendees: Raul Arregui , Michael Irving , Suzi Krawczykowa , Alison Bowe , Stephanie Marshall, Duncan Marshall, Lyn Croker  and Brian Crocker, Sue Davis, Coll Bell, Kate Morris, Gaby Sully , Sharon Levitt and myself. We danced Jerusalema, Valle poganitshe, You Can’t Stop the Beat, Waka Waka, La Bicicleta (several times!!!!!!), Gorani and Bailando. We learned the initial steps of This is Me.

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