Weekly Update Monday 1st March 2021 (by Teresa)

Hi everyone. What a remarkable evening. We started dancing La Bicicleta, moved into Jerusalema. Then we honed with gusto all the foot work of This is me. We stopped to sing Happy birthday to Sharon, then a fair attempt to sing in Dutch for Lia. We also did the Chicken dance. We followed by Vale Poganitshe and Gorani on request of the birthday ladies. We continued with Waka Waka. At the time I was leaving the group was performing You should be dancing. Great night attended by fourteen members: Raul Arregui, Michael Irving, Alison Bowe, Lia Anderson, Sharon Levitt, Stephanie Marshall, Duncan Marshall, Lyn Croker and hubby, Sue Huntsman, Sue Davies, Collin Bell, Kate Morris and Clare. Great attendance!

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