NEW ANDROID APP: Arregui.Net is now easier to get to

Hello All:
I have written a small ANDROID APP to allow us to access the website faster and easier from our mobiles and tablets. 
This APP is now available in the GOOGLE PLAY store accessible from our mobile phones (only ANDROID mobiles guys, sorry!) as an INTERNAL TESTING version.
I have been testing it at home and it works well. It’s a simple APP, it only opens up the website where you can get to the DANCE THERAPY GROUP webpages, images, mails and tutorials.
If you are happy to try it, use the link below on your mobile phones: 
or just open the GOOGLE PLAY app on your phones and search for ARREGUI.NET (that’s the name of the app). Install it on your phone, use it and let me know if it works for you. The ARREGUI.NET app is FREE to use. 

You could use it to get to the THIS IS ME! tutorial for the step groups A-B-C and get ready for tonight’s session !!!

See you later at the dance session.

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