Last day at Maggie

I went for an adventure walk to the south tip of the island: Picnic Bay.

Started with a walk up to Hawkings Point lookout. Amazing vews of the East coast of the island and of Townsville.

Then I walked to the centre of Picnic Bay and found the long pier where the ferries used to get to the island.

After that, I headed to the water tower hill to climb it but I was unsuccessful so I walked a few kilometres on the road to West Point looking for wild koalas. Found a few wild chickens in the bush (like the ones in Lord Howe Island). No luck with the koalas though, but found a remote cute bay with a lagoon and a beautiful pond full of water lilies.

Finally on my way back to catch the bus I found the hidden way up to the water tower hill … and the view from up there was wonderful too !!!

Ended the walk getting a cold ginger beer at Scally Wags in Nelly Bay (thanks for the drink Sue!!)

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