TANGO – Ideas for COVID-safe choreographies we could learn

Thanks Raul

See you then
Happy Easter

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On 31 Mar 2021, at 7:56 am, [email protected] wrote:

Thank you for your message, Raul! 
You are right about the vaccine! Yes, el love the idea of us teaching the choreography Taquito militar!
Also there is another great milonga “Milonga Sentimental” by Juan Carlos  Baglietto with a nice rhythm. 
And, “Por una Cabeza” by Andres Calamaro and Juanjo Domínguez that also has a great rhythm.
We can use the choreography from the links that you sent to star with…..
See you soon!

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On 29 Mar 2021, at 21:43, [email protected] wrote:

Thanks for the message Marisabel & Tom !!!

Hope you are having a wonderful time in the Gold Coast. We missed you guys tonight.
I think it’ll be a few months  until we get everyone vaccinated, but it is a great goal to shoot for !!! when we are all vaccinated, we can return to the normal dance choreographies … latin, circular dancing holding hands, and of course MILONGA !!! Perhaps you and I could teach the group the choreography to “Taquito Militar”?
Hope to see you and Tom back at the dance sessions after Easter !!!
Have a Happy Easter !!

On Mon, 29 Mar 2021 at 17:42, <[email protected]> wrote:

Thank you for your message. 
Great that you had nice holidays in Magnetic island.
We are still in Gold Coast so we will miss the dance tonight. But we will come back after Easter.
Tom says that if everybody gets vaccinated, then we can dance cheek to cheek. In terms of preferences, he prefers a Milonga.
In my case, I would also prefer a Milonga using the steps from video number one. 
Cheers and have fun tonight!
Tom and Marisabel

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On 29 Mar 2021, at 15:21, [email protected] wrote:

Yes yes yes 

Sue and col
See you tonight xx

On Mon, 29 Mar. 2021, 4:11 pm , <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello All:

We are back from our holiday, and loved Magnetic Island. If you have not yet been there, we recommend it !!! 
Look forward to seeing you all tonight at the dance session. 
Also, how about considering these TANGO COVID-safe choreographies that we could learn together in the near future?
1) Hernando’s Hideaway – Choreography by Jo ‘N Jo Tango
2) La Cumparsita – Choreography by Malou Bugarin
3) Roxanne’s Tango – Choreography by Heejin Kim
Let’s count the votes from the group for these three options (or if you have your own suggestions, send them to the group please) and then I’ll get it ready to teach our group, and we can get to it in a few weeks. How about it? 
See you later.

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