Highest Caseloads per 1M Population
Chile's caseload continues to increase, it is almost 2x that of any other country in the world already
Peru's curve is flattening; Brazil has caught up with Sweden
Sweden's curve is climbing again, could pass USA; USA passed Singapore
Sweden's curve is climbing again; USA's curve is flattening
Chile's curve continues on a steep climb, passed Brazil and could pass Peru's in a few days
Hotspots Around the World (highest case increases last 7 days)
Oman made it into the Hotspots, and it has the highest caseload per 1M in the group
Bolivia and South Africa continue to increase caseload per population
Bolivia has almost twice the death rate than Honduras (2nd in this group)
Guatemala passed Honduras on its trajectory
Iraq's death rate is growing fast and could catch up with South Africa (3rd in the group) in a few days
Countries with the Highest Deaths per 1M Population
Sweden's curve is climbing again (previous flattening could have been a reporting delay only)
Mexico is also on a steady climb upwards but far below all other countries in this group
All other countries' curves are flattening
Belgium continues at the top with the highest deaths per 1M in the world, with a third more deaths than UK or Spain
Sweden's curve is climbing again, could readh Italy in a few days
Mexico's curve is climbing slowly, and could catch up with Canada before the end of June