Highest Caseloads per 1M Population
Belgium is showing signs of flattening the curve; still the highest in the world, followed by Czechia (2nd) Belgium has the highest death toll in the group still; Peru is 2nd
Israel is 3rd and its curve is flattening; USA is 4th with Spain, France and Switzerland very close Spain is 3rd - Argentina passed Chile and it is now 4th
Czechia's death toll keeps climbing, caught up with France's curve
Hotspots Around the World (highest case increases last 7 days)
Austria has the highest caseload, Portugal is 2nd, Romania is 3rd and Poland is 4th Italy has the highest, Romania is 2nd and growing (almost exponentially)
Nine of the ten countries are in Europe, all growing exponentially Portutal is 3rd and Hungary is 4th
Norway is in the Hotspots too today, caseload far lower than other countries Norway is in the Hotspots today, its death rate is far lower than other countries and flat
Countries with the Highest Deaths per Caseload Population
UK has the highest caseload still, Italy 2nd and Bolivia 3rd (flat) Bolivia has the highest death toll but its curve is flat; UK and Mexico are very close and both could pass Bolivia