Highest Caseloads per 1M Population
Belgium is showing signs of flattening the curve; still the highest in the world, followed by Czechia (2nd) Belgium has the highest death toll in the group still; Peru is 2nd
USA passed Israel, and it's 3rd now; Israel is 4th Spain is 3rd - Argentina passed Chile and it is now 4th
Hotspots Around the World (highest case increases last 7 days)
Sweden is back in the Hotspots, and its caseload is growing Sweden has the highest death rate in the group; Bulgaria is 2nd but with less than 2/3rds the death rate of Sweden
Hungary is 2nd, and Bulgaria is 3rd -- Germany made the Hotspots today, its caseload is growing Germany's death toll is less than 1/3rd of Sweden's
Countries with the Highest Deaths per Caseload Population
Peru has the highest caseload by far today; Bolivia is 2nd but with less than 1/2 that of Peru Peru has the highest death toll too; Mexico passed Bolivia and it is 2nd now (about 1/3rd of Peru's)