Highest Caseloads per 1M Population
Czechia has the highest caseload per population; USA is 2nd (flattening!) Czechia has the highest death toll, it has passed Belgium
Israel is 3rd and Portugal is 4th Belgium is 2nd and UK is 3rd
Hotspots Around the World (highest case increases last 7 days)
Czechia has the highest caseload in the Hotspots today by far Czechia has also the highest death rate in the group by far
Brazil is 2nd with about 1/2 the caseload of Czechia; Hungary is 3rd Hungary is 2nd; Brazil is 3rd with little over half of Czechia's death rate
Countries with the Highest Deaths per Caseload
Bulgaria made it into this group, and it has the highest caseload; Bolivia is 2nd and Ecuador is 3rd Bulgaria has the highest death toll too; Mexico is 2nd and Bolivia 3rd
Mexico could pass Bulgaria in just days at its current pace