NSW Total Cases
NSW Health has published data for the last 6 days today (I send a number of requests for days to report data had not been
published and got no reply or response from anyone until now)
NSW Cases by Day
Only 1 locally acquired cases in the last 4 days; with a total of 19 cases (18 of these are overseas acquired!)
The only case of locally transmitted virus was found in the Wingecarribee LGA on 6th Nov
NSW Cases by Area
Cases reported last 3 days from: Overseas 8, Sydney 2, Port Stephens 1, Cumberland 1, Canterbury-Bankstown 1, Newcastle 1.
"(blank)" in the area is used to identify "Overseas" cases
NSW Trends of the "Hotspot" LGAs (the areas to avoid!)
Overseas acquired cases account for almost 3x the cases identified in any LGA
Last case reported in the Shoalhaven LGA on 22nd August - The virus was acquired overseas
One case reported nearby, in the Wingecarrabee LGA, on 6th Nov -- the Northern Shoalhaven area (specially Kangaroo Valley)
have a close connection with the Wingecarrabee LGA and residents need to be careful and make sure they observe COVID