Dance Therapy – The Dances – Clips to show Steps and Styles (by Duncan Marshall)

For extra convenience when trying to remember steps at home, I made this one page list to allow me “one click” direct to the dance of choice:  just click on the address and Voila! You go directly to our magic website, our own Alladin’s cave of dances….

NumberName – Instructor – Type of TutorialLink to Tutorial Video for the Dance
01.Valle Pogonishte (Albanian) – Peg Ryan – lcoal clip with Peg
02.Gorani (Armenian) – Suzi Krawczykowa – local clip with Suzi
03.Cocek (Bosnian) – Peg Ryan – local clip simple circle dance
04.Zorba (Greek) – Margarita Pollaki – local July 2019
05.Lovely Hula Hands (Hawaiian) – Jayne Blackshaw – Jayne’s local
06.Kokomo (Hawaiian) – Jayne Blackshaw – Jayne’s local
07Pearly Shells (Hawaiian) – Jayne Blackshaw –not local
08.Tiny Bubbles (Hawaiian) – Jayne Blackshaw – local clip (NN)
09.Hukilau (Hawaiian) – Jayne Blackshaw – local clip (NN)
10.One singular sensation (A Chorus Line) – Michael Irving and Adrienne Fox – local clip
11.Bailando (Salsa) – Lyn Croker – local clip
12.La Vida es un Carnaval (Rueda de Casino) – Raul Arregui (3 pairs clip)
13.You Should be Dancing (Disco) – Michael Irving & Tina Michaelides – local hippie clip
14.Achy Breaky Heart (Boot Scoot’n Boogie) – Lesleyno link yet – maybe use
15.Entra a mi Pago sin Golpear (Chacarera) – Raul Arregui – local clip
16.Mueve el Bum Bum (Cuartetazo) – Marisabel Salerno – local
17.Jerusalema – Kizomba – mirror version!  – Raul
18.Waka Waka (Latin pop) Marisabel Salerno
19.Time warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show) clip
20.You can’t stop the beat / music (Hairspray) local clip Michael Irving
21.La bicicleta (Zumba – 85% speed) MA’s per Raul…/91/la-bicicleta-zumba-tutorial.mp4
22.Felice los 4 (Zumba – Happy the 4 of us – at 80% speed) MA’s per Raul
23.This is me (from The Greatest Showman) clip