Yvonne’s Birthday Music Collection

Happy Birthday Dear Mary-Lou (a.k.a. Yvonne) !!!

I wanted to find a special song to play online for your birthday, and then I realised the name “Yvonne” have inspired so many people to write songs that I needed to gather a few of them to make this special Yvonne’s Birthday Music Collection for you.

I hope you enjoy it !!! I did for sure. My favourite is #3, and second #12. What is yours? Have a great day Yvonne, with lots of love from your friend Raul

Track Title Artist Length Size
1 Dulce Ivonne (Blues) Blues Boys 3m 35s 3.28 MB
2 Hey Yvonne (Balad, in German, from Germany) Gunter Gabriel 3m 48s 3.47 MB
3 I’m Yvonne from The Bayou (Country, from the USA) Goldie Hill 2m 21s 2.15 MB
4 Ivonne (in Spanish, from Argentina) Radio Futura 3m 29s 3.18 MB
5 Ivonne (in Spanish, from México) Miguel Gonzalez
1m 49s 2.49 MB
6 Madame Ivonne (Tango, in Spanish, from Argentina) Julio Sosa 3m 11s 2.92 MB
7 My Yvonne (from the UK) Jack Peñate 4m 16s 3.89 MB
8 Son Of Yvonne (Hip-Hop) Masta Ace 3m 16s 2.98 MB
9 Song For Yvonne Neil Innes 2m 28s 2.26 MB
10 Song For Yvonne Sage 3m 27s 3.16 MB
11 Still Remember Yvonne Andy Baum 4m 13s 3.85 MB
12 Yvonne (in Trinidadian English, from Trinidad and Tobago) Crazy 7m 18s 6.66 MB
13 Yvonne (Country-Pop, from South Africa) Die Campbells 3m 35s 3.28 MB
14 Yvonne (Disco) Purple Lake 3m 31s 3.21 MB
15 Yvonne Saw Doctors 3m 26s 3.14 MB
16 Yvonne’s Song (Piano) John D. Rickerd 5m 5s 4.65 MB
17 Yvonne’s Song Kismet 3m 33s 3.25 MB
18 Yvonne’s Song Michel Legrand 2m 29s 2.27 MB
19 Yvonne’s Song North Wind 5m 36s 5.12 MB
20 Yvonne’s The One Paul Mccartney 4m 16s 3.90 MB